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A Tribute to Hardy Fox

Welcome to the temporary website for our Hardy Fox tribute project! This isn't exactly the nicest looking page on the world wide web, but hey, it'll do for now.

CLICK HERE to view the forum thread for recent updates and to leave quick general input on the project itself!

What is the project?

I wish to construct a tribute album dedicated to the late Hardy Fox. Essentially, it'll work similarly to the "I Am A Resident!" thing. You just submit your song and it goes on the album! That's it! We'll then compile the album together and you'll be able to stream or download it for free on the internet.

Well, it'll be a bit more complicated than that

My vision for this project includes the way the streaming content is presented. You see, this project is a way to celebrate Hardy Fox and express our gratitude for him and his art. The way I initially conceived this project (and how I still want the final product to be like) is that the entire album is a "web experience". When you stream it online on the site I'll be hosting it on, each track will be paired with text and/or visual art by the original track artist with their thank yous to the late Hardy Fox. In a way the album itself will be a big thank you card to Hardy Fox, but each track will come with what is more literally a thank you card. Of course, Hardy is not with us anymore so he cannot personally read them without spiritual intervention, but I still believe that there's something a bit romantic about creating a tribute like this, regardless if he can see it from the afterlife or we're making our expressions of gratitude into the void.

Think of it this way: the website will basically be like liner notes that load up with each song, where the liner notes are your messages and optional art.

I'm not a musician! Can I contribute in some way?

If you look at the buttons below, you'll see the answer is YES! We'd really like visual art and text for the project as well. If you really can't contribute anything, please just click the "text" button and contribute a little note of gratitude to Hardy Fox! want to collect Thank You notes from EVERYONE and find some way to compile them on the front page of the album. Or somewhere else. I don't really know yet, I feel like this project will evolve depending on how active it is.

How do I contribute?

Click one of the buttons below to contribute to the project. We are accepting music, visual art, and text for this project. Please adhere to the project guidelines (mainly there for clarity on what this project is for, not to stomp on your creative freedom!) listed on the submission page for whatever you'd like to submit. You can also use the general contact form to get ahold of me for any other random inquiries.

I wish to submit a song! (With text, and maybe visual art too!) I wish to submit only visual art! I wish to submit only a note of gratitude! I wish to make a random inquiry via e-mail to you!
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